A Boutique Firm

Caretta is a boutique firm that provides access to experienced, knowledgeable resources to support projects and companies of any size and in any industry. We are known for providing access to resources that are superior to those of large, well-known consulting firms and at a better price point. Our reputation has been built on delivering engagements on time and within (and often under) budget, partly due to our proprietary-metrics driven methodology. And our suite of services and approach to staffing is unique in the industry.

Client-specific Services

We work with each prospective client to understand their specific needs and staff each engagement appropriately – even if it means giving you a senior resource for only 5 hours per week.  Our resources are also not your typical “check the box” or “stand back and watch” type of project and program managers; instead, we collaborate with our clients and partners to define our role so that it’s focused on doing valuable work that helps their teams.  All of this means that you get high quality resources who deliver only what you need – there are no unnecessary activities, no unexplained overhead, and no unjustified billable hours.  We love what we do and we take pride in how we do it.  

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