About Caretta Corp

Caretta is a boutique firm that provides access to experienced, knowledgeable resources to support projects and companies of any size and in any industry. We are known for providing access to resources that are superior to those of large, well-known consulting firms and at a better price point

Our Team

Caretta operates under the philosophy that a program or project manager can apply their skillset to achieve remarkable results in any industry, regardless of previous experience. We provide access to a team of seasoned pros that can support any client that needs help delivering a project on time and within budget. If, however, you have a preference for a resource with previous experience in your industry.


Years in financial services, including mutual funds, trust investment products, retirement services and institutional bank services


Years in technology, including hardware installation and support


Years in financial services and back/middle/front office operations for investment management (PM, trading, compliance, legal, fund accounting, etc.)


Years in various industries, including alternative energy and mining of commodities


Years in non-profit, including economic empowerment and global health programs


Years in financial services, including FinTech product management and applying Agile, Waterfall, and Hybrid project delivery methodologies

Meet Our President & Founder