On-Demand Project Realignment

Unforeseen roadblocks, risks, and issues are a fact of life when it comes to project-based work, both large and small scale. However, the cause of and solution to these impediments is not always immediately clear.

Questions will be asked, like: “Why won’t we hit our target completion date?”, “Why are we over budget?”, “What is holding us up?”, and most importantly “How do we get back on track?”

Caretta can help answer these questions with On Demand Project Realignment engagements. These teams are tailored to fit the needs of each project, and can be deployed ad-hoc for short-term assignments. Using years of project, program, and change management experience, our experts can help identify the root cause of your difficulty and craft a strategy to realign your project for success.

This model offers access to the full power of the Caretta staffing pool for a targeted purpose and defined timeline, allowing high quality resources to assist your firm in a cost-effective manner.

On-Demand Metrics Design & Production

Caretta’s proprietary metrics-driven approach to project and program management is a powerful tool for measuring progress, anticipating bottlenecks, and quantifying the impact of issues. Understanding the productivity and throughput of a team is vital in understanding project status, and is a critical input to strategic decisions that can determine its success. However, a full-time, embedded Caretta resource may not always be the appropriate engagement model for your purposes. 

To solve for this, Caretta offers on demand metrics design and production. Our skilled resources can analyze the workflows, processes, and stakeholders associated with your project, identify key process indicators, and design custom metrics that accurately measure the throughput of your teams.

They can be produced and packaged into dashboards for executive level communication, status reports, or ad-hoc monitoring depending on the ever-changing needs of your project. With this offering, you can report on status with accuracy and confidence.

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